Sunday, November 28, 2010



I have been thinking of featuring my fellow and friend comic book artists here, post some of their comics.. maybe get them to answer a question or two...
Basically just have more comicky fun in here.. that all

But doing that might take some time.... so stay tuned... for the comic as well the features..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Page 3

Page 3

Well this is an early strip from a w hile back, when I hadnt really come up with the headless avenger this is where headless avenger is a mafia don.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Page 2

If we did have an alien invasion



But it will get better as you go on.


So this where it begins. I am Bhanu Pratap, a painter artist/illustrator by day and a comic creator by night. I am the post modernist Vigilante.
I do a lot of one or two page comics. Which just lay there in the piles. So I decided to dedicate a space to those comics, Primarily the HEADLESS AVENGER.

SO whats Headless Avenger about?
Ummmm, I am not gonna talk about the origin of the protagonist(is he really that?)which in iteslf is fucking useless, but the comic itself.

During the day time for the past year or so.. I have been doing the Headless PAintings.. figurative paintings where people dont have heads...amongst other things.


And I think theres a lotta dark humor in that series... people tend to see the dark side of it...which is cool...its just sometimes humor wrapped in horror is a little hard to get...unless you are on-the-verge psychopath..or something.
Infact... alot of these paintings are sort of injokes..between me head.
And sometimes The painting bizness itself becomes a little serious.

So this is me...letting all the injokes...OUT. And having some fun.

And amongst other things I have been a fan of Alex Toth and J P Leon, They are master storytellers who can grab your balls just by drawing a few lines. Yeah I also thought that wasn't possible, but how wrong was I.
And I am also a fan or pulp-noir comics like Shadow and Doc Savage.. and the newer and still awesome stuff by Ed BRubaker and Sean Philips.. stuff like Criminal, Incognito...they are just such awesome reads.

Oh...about the funny business...I remember a stupid parody comic I had done long time back, in high school, called SPAM, which was a parody of Spawn, A comic I loved. It was fun thing to do... irreverent and cocky and just so plain stupid it was funny. And there was another comic that I had pitched to publishers, KID WID JAW, click on link to see the 5 page preview, which lay dormant after getting turned down by lotsa places. So I guess I was always into the funny business, and heres another attempt at being funny.

I am trying to say that what you read and see here will be anything close to the masters I mentioned here, but I will try. And you please dont mind the typos. I mean noones paying me to do it so fuck em'... I kid.... I'd say fuck em even if they were paying me...heheh...(ahem pardon me..another injoke). But seriously bear with me and my typos, I will try to edit the comic as best as possible.

So for beginners have a few Headless Paintings... where it all started.

LET THE FUN BEGUN. (just to make it rhyme)